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SUN OS command 指令蒐集

使用很長一段時間的Oracle and Sun System,對於指令的部分總是需要用到的時候才會去查詢。為了工作方便,把這些指令也記錄在此。方便需要用到的時候可以查詢使用。




ab2admin- Command-Line Interface for AnswerBook2 Administration 
ab2cd- Run AnswerBook2 Server from the Documentation CD 
ab2regsvr- Register an Answerbook2 Document Server with the Federated Naming Service 
accept, reject - Accept or Reject Print Requests 
acct - Overview of Accounting and Miscellaneous Accounting Commands 
acctcms - Command Summary from Process Accounting Records
acctcon, acctcon1, acctcon2 - Connect-Time Accounting
acctdisk - Convent Accounting Data to Total Accounting Records
acctdusg - Compute Disk Resources Consumption by Login
acctmerg - Merged or Add Total Accounting Files
accton - Append Process Accounting Records to an Existing File
acctprc, acctprc1, acctprc2 - Process Accounting
acctsh, chargefee, ckpacct, dodisk, lastlogin, monacct, nulladm, prctmp, prdaily, prtacct, shutacct, startup, turnascct - Shell Procedures for Accounting
acctwtmp - Write a utmpx Record to a File
adbgen - Generate aab Script
add_drv - Add a New Device Driver to the System
add_install_client - Script to Add or Remove Clients for Network Installation
add_to_install_server - Script to Copy Packages from Additional Solaris Copackaged CDs to an Existing Net Install Server
addbadsec - Map Out Defective Disk Blocks
admintool - System Administration with a Graphical User Interface
afbconfig, SUNWafb_config - Configure the AFB Graphics Accelerator
aliasadm - Manipulate the NIS+ Aliases Map
allocate - Device Allocation
amiserv - AMI Keyserver
answerbook2_ admin -- AnswerBook2 GUI Administration Tool
arp - Address Resolution Display and Control
aset - Monitor or Resolution Access to System Files and Directories
aset. restore - Restore System Files Affected by ASET
asspppd, aspppls - Asynchronous PPP Link Manager
aspppls - Asynchronous PPP Link Manager
audit - Control the Behavior of the Audit Daemon
auditconfig - Configure Auditing
auditd - Control the Generation and Location of Audit Trail Files
auditreduce - Merge and Select Audit Record from Audit Trail Files
audit_startup - Audit Subsystem Initialization Script
auditstat - Display Kernel Audit Statistics
audit_warn - Audit Daemon Warning Script
automount - Install Automatic Mount Points
automountd - Mount/Unmount Daemon for autofs
autopush - Configure Lists of Automaticalling Pushed STREAMS Modules


bdconfig - Configure the Buttons and Dials Stream
boot - Start the System Kernel or a Stand-Alone Program
bootparamd - Boot Parameter Server
bsmconv, bsmunconv - Enable or Disable the Basic Security Module (BSM)
busstat - Report Bus-Related Performance Statistics


cachefslog - Cache File-System Logging
cachefspack - Pack Files and File Systems in the Cache
cachefsstat - Cache File-System Statistics
cachefswssize - Determine Working Set Size for Cache File
captoinfo - Convert a termcap Description into a terminfo Description
cfgadm - Configuration Administration
cfgadm_ac - EXX00 Memory System Administration
cfgadm_pci - Configuration Administration Command for PCI Hot Plug
cfgadm_scsi - SCSI Hardware-Specific Commands for cfgadm
cfgadm_sysctrl - EXX00 System Board Administration
cfgadmin - Administer Disk Space for Cache File System
cg14config - Configure the SX/CG14 Graphics Accelerator Device
chargefree - Shell Procedures for Accounting
check-hostname Check if sendmail Can Determine the Fully Qualified Host Name
check-permissions Check Permissions on Mail Rerouting Files
check - Script to Validate the Rules in a JumpStart rules File
chown - Change Owner
ckpacct - Accounting Command to Periodocally Check the Size of /var/adm/pacct
clear_locks - Clear Locks Held on Behalf of an NFS Client
clinfo - Display Cluster Information
closewtmp - Put a False Dead Process Record in the /var/adm/wtmpx File
clri, dcopy - Clear Inode
comsat - Biff Server
consadm - Specify or Display Devices Used as Auxiliary Console Devices
conv_lp - Convert LP Configuration
conv_lpd - Convert LPD Configuration
coreadm - Core File Administration
cpustat - Monitor System Behavior by Using CPU Performance Counters
crash - Examine System Images
cron - Clock Daemon
cvcd - Virtual Console Daemon


dcopy - Clear Inode
dd - Convert and Copy a File
deallocate - Device Deallocation
devattr - Display Device Attributes
devconfig - Configure Device Attributes
devfree - Release Devices from Exclusive Use
devfsadm - Administration Command for /dev and /devices
devfseventd - Kernel Event Notification Daemon for devfsadm
devinfo - Print Device-Specific Information
devlinks - Add /dev Entries for Miscellaneous Devices and Pseudodevices
devnm - Device Name
devreserv - Reserve Devices for Exclusive Use
df - Display Number of Free Disk Blocks and Files
df_ufs - Report Free Disk Space on UFS File System
dfmounts - Display Mounted Resource Information
dfmounts_nfs - Display Mounted NFS Resource Inforamtion
dfshares - List Available Resources from Remote or Local Systems
dfshares_nfs - List Available NFS Resources from Remote
dhcpagent - Daemon from Client DHCP
dhcpconfig - DHCP Service Configuration Command
dhcpmgr - Graphic Interface for Managing DHCP Services
dhtadm - DHCP Configuration Table Management Command
disks - Create /dev Entries for Hard Disks Attached to the System
diskscan - Perform Surface Analysis
dispadmin - Process Scheduler Administration
dmesg - Collect System Diagnostic Messages to Form Error Log
dmi_cmd - DMI Command-Line Interface Command
dmiget - DMI Command-Line Retrieval Command
dminfo - Report Information About a Device Entry in a Device Maps File
dmispd - Sun Solstice Enterprise DMI Service Provider
dodisk - Shell Procedure invoked by cron to Perform Disk Accounting Functions
domainname - Display or Set Name of the Current Domain
dr_daemon - Enterprise 10000 Dynamic Reconfiguration Daemon
drvconfig - Configure the /devices Directory
du - Summarize Disk Usage
dumpadm - Configure Operating System Crash Dump


edquota - Edit User Quotas for UFS File System
eeprom - EEPROM Display Operating System Crash Dump


fbconfig - Frame Buffer Configuration Command
fdetach - Detach a Name from a STREAMS-Based File Descriptor
fdisk - Create or Modify Fixed-Disk Partition Table
ff - List File Names and Statistics for a UFS File System
ff_ufs - List File Names and Statistics for a UFS File System
ffbconfig - Configure the FFB Graphics Accelerator
fingerd - Remote User Information Server
firmware - Bootable Firmware Programs and Filmware Commands
fmthard - Populate VTOC on Hard Disks
fncheck - Check for Consistency Between FNS Data and NIS+ Data
fncopy - Copy FNS Contexts, Possibly from One Naming Serrvice to Another
fncreate - Create an FNS Context
fncreate_fs - Create FNS File-System Contexts
fncreate_printer - Create New Printers in FNS Namespace
fndestroy - Destroy and FNS Context
fnselect - Select a Specific Naming Service to Use for the FNS Initial Context
fnsypd - Update FNS Context on an NIS Master Server
format - Partition and Maintain Disks
fsck - Check and Repair File Systems
fsck_cachefs - Check Integrity of Data Cached with cacheFS
fsck_s5fs - File-System Consistency Check and Interactive Repair
fsck_udfs - File System Consistency Check and Interactive
fsck_ufs - File-System Consistency Check and Interactive Repair
fsdb - File System Debugger
fsdb_udfs - UDFS File-System Debugger
fsirand - Install Random Inode Generation Numbers
fstyp - Determine File-System Type
ftpd - File Transfer Protocol Server
fuser - Identity Processes Using a File or File Structure
fwtmp, wtmpfix - Manipulate Connect Accounting Records


gencc - Create a Front End to the cc Command
getdev - List Devices Based on Criteria
getdgrp - List Device Groups That Contain Devices That Match Criteria
getent - Get Entries from Administrative Databases
gettable - Get DoD Internet Format Host Table from a Host
getty - Set Terminal Type
getvol - Verify Device Accessibility
GFXconfig - Configure the PGX32 (Raptor GFX) Graphics Accelerator
groupadd - Add (Create) a New Group Definition on a System
groupdel - Delete a Group Definition from the System
groupmod - Modify a Group Definition on the System
grpck - Password and Group File Checkers
gsscred - Add, Remove, and List gsscred Table Entries
gssd - Generate and Validate GSS-API Tokens for Kernal RPC


halt, poweroff - Stop the Procesdsor
hostconfig - Configure a System\'s Host Parameters
htable - Convert DoD Internet Format Host Table


id - Return User Identity
ifconfig - Configure Network Interface Parameters
in.comsat, comsat - Biff Server
in.dhcpd - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server
in.fingerd, fingerd - Remote User Information Server
in.ftpd, ftpd - File Transfer Protocol Server
in.lpd - BSD Print Protocol
in.named, named - Internet Domain Name Server
in.ndpd - Daemon for IPv6 Autoconfiguration
in.rarpd, rarpd - DARPA Reverse Address Resolution Protocol Server
in.rdisc, rdisc - Network Router Discovery Daemon
in.rexecd, rexecd - Remote Execution Server
in.ripngd - Network Routing Daemon for IPv6
in.rlogind, rlogind - Remote Login Server
in.routed, routed - Network Routing Daemon
in.rshd, rshd - Remote Shell Server
in.rwhod, rwhod - System Status Server
in.talkd, talkd - Server for Talk Program
in.telnetd, telnetd - DARPA TELNET Protocol Server
in.tftpd, tftpd - Internet Trivial File Protocol Server
in.tnamed, tnamed - DARPA Trivial Name Server
in.uucpd, uucpd - UUCP Server
inetd - Internet Services Daemon
infocmp - Compare or Print terminfo Descriptions
init, telinit - Process Control Initialization
init.wbem - Start and Stop the CIM Boot Manager
install - Install Commands
installboot - Install Bootblocks in a Disk Partition
install_scripts - Scripts to Install the Solaris Software
installboot - Install Bootblocks in a in a Disk Partition
installf - Add a file to the software Installation Database
Intro, intro - Introduction to Maintenance Commands and Application Programs
iostat - Report I/O Statistics
ipsecconf - Configure Systemwide IPsec Policy
ipseckey - Manually Manipulate on IPsec Security Association Database (SADB)


kadb - Kernel Debugger
kdmconfig - Configure or Unconfigure Keyboard, Display, and Mouse Options
kerbd - Generate and Validate Kerberos Tickets for Kernel RPC
kernel - UNIX System Executable File Containing Basic Operating System Services
keyserv - Server for Storing Private Encryption Keys
killall - Kill All Active Processes
ktkt_warnd - Kerberos Warning Daemon
kstat - Display Kernel Statistics


labelit - List or Provide Labels for Filing Systems
labelit_hsfs - Provide and Print Labels for HSFS File Systems
labelit_udfs - Provide and Print labels for UDF File System
labelit_ufs - Provide and Print Labels for UFS File Systems
lastlogin - Show the Last Date on Which Each Person Logged In
ldap_cachemgr - LDAP Daemon to Cache Server and Client Information for NIS Lookups
ldapclient, ldap_gen_profile - Initialize LDAP Client Machine or Create an LDIF of an LDAP Client Profile
link, unlink - Link and Unlink Files and Directories
list_devices - List Allocate Devices
listdgrp - List Members of a Device Group
listen - Network Listener Daemon
llc2_loop - Loopback Diagnostics to Test the Driver, Adapter, and Network
lockd - Network Lock Daemon
lockfs - Change or Report File-System Locks
lockstat - Report Kernel Lock Statistics
lofiadm - Administer Files Available as Block Devices Through lofi
logins - List User and System Login Information
lpadmin - Configure the LP Print Services
lpfilter - Administer Filters Used with the LP Print Service
lpforms - Administer Forms Used with the LP Print Service
lpget - Get Printing Configuration
lpmove - Move Print Requests
lpsched - Start the LP Print Service
lpset - Set Printing Configuration in /etc/printers.conf or FNS
lpshut - Stop the LP Print Service
lpsystem - Register Remote Systems with the Print Service
lpusers - Set Printing Queue Priorities
luxadm - Administration Program for the Sun Enterprise Network Array (SENA), RSM, and SPARCstorage Array (SSA) Subsystems


m64config - Configure the M64 Graphics Accelerator
mail.local - Store Mail in a Mailbox
makedbm - Make a dbm File or Get a Text File from a dbm File
makemap - Create Database Maps for sendmail
mibiisa - Sun SNMP Agent
mk - Remake the Binary System and Commands from Source Code
mkfifo - Make FIFO Special File
mkfs - Construct a File System
mkfs_pcfs - Construct a FAT File System
mkfs_udfs - Construct a UDFS File System
mkfs_ufs - Construct a UFS File System
mknod- Make a Special File
Modify_install_server -- Script to Replace miniroot on an existing Net Install Server
modinfo - Display Information About Loaded Kernel Modules
mofcomp - Compile MOF Files into CIM Classes
monacct - Invoke Accounting Monthly
monitor - SPARC System PROM Monitor
mount, umount - Mount Or Unmount File Systems and Remote Resources
mountall, umountall - Mount, Unmount Multiple File Systems
mount_cachefs - Mount, Unmount Multiple File Systems
mountd - Server for NFS Mount Requests and NFS Access Checks
mount_hsfs - Mount HSFS File Systems
mount_nfs - Mount Remote NFS Resources
mount_pcfs - Mount PCFS file Systems
mount_s5fs - Mount s5 File Systems
mount_tmpfs - Mount tmpfs File System
mount_udfs - Mount a UDFS File System
mount_ufs - Mount UFS File System
mount_xmemfs - Mount xmemfs File System
mpstat - Report Per-Processor Statistics
msgid - Generate Message IDs
mvdir - Move a Directory


named-bootconf Convert Configuration File to a Format Suitable for Bind 8.1
named-xfer Ancillary Agent for Inbound Zone Transfers
named - Internet Domain Server
ncheck - Generate a List of Path Names Versus i-Numbers
ncheck_ufs - Generate Path Names Versus i-Numbers for UFS File Systems
ndd - Get and Set Driver Configuration Parameters
netstat - Show Network Status
newfs - Construct a New UFS File System
newkey - Create a New Diffie-Hellman Key Pair in the publickey Database
nfsd - NFS Daemo
nfslogd - NFS Logging Daemon
nis_cachemgr - NIS+ Command to Cache Location Information About NIS+ Servers
nfsstat - Display NFS Statistics
nisaddcred - Create NIS+ Credentials
nisaddent - Create NIS+ Tables from Corresponding /etc Files or NIS Maps
nisauthconf - Configure NIS+ Security
nisbackup - Back Up NIS+ Directories
nisclient - Initialize NIS+ Credentials for NIS+ Principals
nisd - NIS+ Service Daemon
nisd_resolv - NIS+ Service Daemon
nisinit - NIS+ Client and Server Initialization Command
nislog - Display the Contents of the NIS+ Transaction Log
nispasswdd - NIS+ Password Update Daemon
nisping - Send ping to NIS+ Servers
nispopulate - Populate tthe NIS+ Tables in an NIS+ Domain
nisprefadm - NIS+ Command to Set Server Preference for NIS+ Clients
nisrestore - Restore NIS+ Directory Backup
nisserver - Set Up NIS+ Servers
nissetup - Initialize an NIS+ Domain
nisshowcache - NIS+ Command to Print the Contents of the Shared Cache File
nisstat - Report NIS+ Server Statistics
nisupdkeys - Update the Public Keys in an NIS+ Directory Object
nlsadmin - Network Listener Service Administration
nscd - Nameservice Cache Daemon
nslookup - Query Nameservers Interactivity
nstest - DNS Test Shell
nsupdate - Update DNS Nameservers
ntpdate - Set the Local Date and Time with the Network Time Protocol (NTP)
ntpq - Standard Network Time Protocol Query Program
ntptrace - Trace a Chain of NTP Hosts Back to Their Master Time Source
nulladm - Create File Name with Mode 664 and Ensure That Owner and Group Are adm


obpsym - OpenBoot Firmware Kernel Symbolic Debugging
ocfserv - OCF Server


parse_dynamic_clustertoc - Parse clustertoc File Based on Dynamic Entries
passmgmt - Password Files Management
patchadd - Apply a Patch Package to a Solaris System
patchrm - Remove a Patch Package and Restore Previously Saved Files
pbind - Control and Query Bindings of Processes to Processors
pcmciad - PCMCIA User Daemon
pfinstall - Test Installation Profiles
pgxconfig , GFXconfig - Configure the PGX32 (Raptor GFX) Graphics Accelerator
ping - Send ICMP (ICMP6) ECHO_REQUEST Packets to Network Hosts
pkgadd - Transfer Software Packages to the System
pkgask - Store Answers to a Request Scrip
pkgchk - Check Package Installation Accuracy
pkgrm - Remove a Package from the System
pmadm - Port Monitor Administration
pmconfig - Configure the Power Management System
pntadm - DHCP Network Table Management Command
ports - Create /dev and inittab Entries for Serial Lines
powerd - Power Manager Daemon
poweroff - Stop the Processor
praudit - Print Contents od an Audit Trail File
prctmp, prdaily, prtacct - Print Various Accounting Files
printmgr - Graphical User Interface for Managing Printers in a Network
prstat - Report Active Process Statistics
prtconf - Print System Configuration
prtdiag - Display System Diagnostic Information
prtvtoc - Report Information About Disk Geometry and Partitioning
psradm - Change Processor Operational Status
psrinfo - Display Information About Processors
psrset - Create and Manage Processor Sets
putdev - Edit Device Group Table
pwck, grpck - Password/Group File Checkers
pwconv - Install and Update /etc/shadow with Information from /etc/passwd


quot - Summarize File-System Ownership
quota - Display a Users File-System Disk Quota and Usage
quotacheck - UFS File-System Quota Consistency Checker
quotaon, quotaoff - Turn UFS File-System Quotas On and Off


rarpd - DARPA Reverse Address Resolution Protocol Server
rdate - Set System Date from a Remote Host
rdisc - Network Router Discovery Daemon
re-preinstall Install the JumpStart Software on a System
reboot - Restart the Operating System
reject - Reject Print Requests
rem_drv - Remove a Device Driver from the System
removef - Remove a File from Software Database
repquota - Summarize Quotas for a UFS File System
restricted_shell - Restricted Shell Command Interpreterexd
rexd - RPC-Based Remote Execution Server
rexecd - Remote Execution
rlogind - Remote Login Server
rm_install_client - Script to Remove Clients for Network Installation
rmmount - Removable Media Mounter for CD-ROM and Diskette
rmt - Remote Magtape Protocol Module
roleadd - Administer a New Role Account
roledel - Delete the Login for a Role
rolemod - Modify an Existing Role Account
route - Manually Manipulate the Routing Tables
routed - Network Routing Daemon
rpc.bootparamd, bootparamd - Boot Parameter Server
rpc.nisd, nisd - NIS+ Service Daemon
rpc.nisd_resolv, nisd_resolv - NIS+ Service Daemon
rpc.nispasswd, nispasswdd - NIS+ Password Update Daemon
rpc.rexd, rexd - RPC-Based Remote Execution Server
rpc. rstatd, rstatd - Kernel Statistics Server
rpc.rusersd, rusersd - Server for Modifying NIS Password File
rpc.walld, rwalld - Network rwall Server
rpc.sprayd, sprayd - Spray Server
rpc.yppasswdd, yppasswdd - Server for Modifying NIS Password File
rpc.ypupdated, ypupdated - Server for Changing NIC Information
rpcbind - Universal Addresses to RPC Program Number Mapper
rpcinfo - Repeort RPC Information
rpld - IA Network Booting RPL (Remote Program Load) Server
rquotad - Remote Quota Server
rsh - Restricted Shell
rshd - Remote Shell Server
rstatd - Kernel Statistics Server
rtc - Provide All Real-Time Clock and GMT-Tag Management
runacct - Run Daily Accounting
rusersd - Network User Name Server
rwall - Write to All Users Over a Network
rwalld - Network rwall Server
rwhod - System Status Server


sa1, sa2, sadc - System Activity Report Package
sac - Service Access Controller
sacadm - Service Access Controller Administration
sadc - System Activity Report Package
sadmind - Distributed System Administration Daemon
saf - Service Access Facility
sar, sa1, sa2, sadc - System Activity Report Package
savecore - Save a Crash Dump of the Operating System
sendmail - Send Mail Over the Internet
server_upgrade - Upgrade Clients of a Heterogeneous OS Server
setmnt - Establish Mount Table
setuname - Change System Information
setup_nstall_server - Script to Copy the Solaris CD to a Disk
share - Make Local Resource Available for Remote Mounting
share_nfs - Make Local NFS File Systems Available for Remote Mounting
shareall, unshareall - Share, Unshare Multiple Resources
showmount - Show All Remote Mounts
showrev - Show Machine and Software Revision Information
shutacct - Turn Process Accounting Off at Shutdown
shutdown - Shut Down System, Change System State
slpd - Service Location Protocol Daemon
smartcard - Configure and Administer a Smartcard
smrsh - Restricted Shell for Sendmail
snmpdx - Sun Solstice Enterprise Master Agent
snmpXdmid - Sun Solstice Enterpris SNMP-DMI Mapper Subagent
snoop - Capture and Inspect Network Packets
soconfig - Configure Transport Providers for Use by Sockets
soladdapp - Add an Application to the Solstice Application Registry
soldelapp - Remove an Application from the Solstice Application Registry
solstice - Access System Administration Tools with a Graphical User Interface
spray - Spray Packets
sprayd - Spray Server
ssaadm - Administration Program frp SPARCstorage Array and SPARCstorage RSM Disk Systems
startup - Turn Process Accounting On at Startup
ststd - Network Ststus Monitor
strace - Print STREAMS Trace Messages Messages
strclean - STREAMS Error Logger Cleanup Program
strerr - STREAMS Error Logger Daemon
sttydefs - maintain Line Settings and Hunt Sequence for TTY Ports
su - Become Superuser or Another User
sulogin - Access Single-User Mode
suninstall - Install the Solaris Operating Environment
swap - Swap Administrative Interface
swmtool - Install, Upgrade, and Remove Software Packages
sxconfig - Configure Continuous Memory for the SX Video Subsystem
sync - Update the Superblock
syncinit - Set Serial Line Interface Operating Parameters
suncloop - Synchronous Serial Loopback Test Program
syncstat - Report Driver Statistics from a Synchronous Serial Link
sys-unconfig Undo a System\'s Configuration
sysdef - Output System Definition
sysidconfig - Execute or Define System Configuration Applications
sysidtool, sysidnet, sysidns, sysidsys, sysidroot, sysidp - System\'s Configuration
syslogd - Log System Messages


talkd - Server for Talk Program
tapes - Create /dev Entries for tape Drives
taskstst - Print ASET Task Status
tcxconfig - Configure S24 (TCX) Frame Buffer
telinit - Process Control Initialization
telnetd - DARPA TELNIT Protocol Server
tftpd - Internet Trivial File Transfer Protocol Server
tic - terminfo Compiler
tnamed - DARPA Trivial Name Server
traceroute - Print the Route Packets Take to Network Host
ttymadm - Port Monitor for Terminal Ports
tunefs - Tune an Existing File System
turnacct - Turn Process Accounting On or Off


uadmin - Administrative Control
ufsdump - Incremental File System Dump
ufsrestore - Incremental File System Dump
umount - Unmount File Systems and Remote Resources
umountall - Unmount Multiple File Systems
unlink - Unlink Files and Directories
unshare - Make Local Resource Unavailable for Mounting by Remote Systems
unshare_nfs - Make Local NFS File Systems Unavailable for Mounting by Remote Systems
unshareall - Unshare Multiple Resources
useradd - Administer a New User Login or Role on a System
userdel - Delete a User Login from a System
usermod - Modify User Login or Role Information on a System
utmp2wtmp - Create a Entry in /var/adm/wtmpx Created by runacct
utmpd - utmpx Monitoring Daemon
uucheck - Check the UUCP Directories and Permissions File
uucico - File Transport Program for the UUCP System
uucleanup - UUCP Spool Directory Cleanup
uucpd - UUCP Server
uucsched - UUCP File Transport Program Scheduler
uutry, uutry - Try to Contact Remote System with Debugging On
uuxqt - Execute Remote Command Requests


vmstst - Report Virtual Memory Statisticsw
volcopy - Make an Image Copy of a UFS File System
volCopy_ufs - Make an Image Copy of a UFS File System
vold - Volume Management Daemon to Manage CD_ROM and Diskette Devices


wall - Write to All Users
wbemadmin - Start Sun WBEM User Manager
wbemlogviewer - Start WBEM Log Viewer
whodo - Report Who Is Doing What
wtmpfix - Manipulate Connect Accounting Records


xntpd - Network Time Protocol Daemon
xntpdc - Special NTP Query Program


ypbind - NIS Binder Process
ypinit - Set Up NIS Client
ypmake - Rebuild NIS Database
yppasswdd - Server for Modifying NIS Password File
yppoll - Return Current Version of an NIS Map at an NIS Server Host
yppush - Force Propogation of a Changed NIS Map
ypserv, ypxfrd - NIS Server and Binder Processes
ypset - Point ypbind at a Particular Server
ypstart, ypstop - Start and Stop NIS Services
ypupdated - Server for Changing NIS Inforamtion
ypxfr, ypxfr_1perday, ypxfr_1perhour, ypxfr_2perday - Transfer NIS Map from an NIS Server to Host
ypxfrd - NIS Server and Binder Processes


zdump - Time-Zone Dumper
zic - Time-Zone Compiler


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